Bulgarian Coriander Honey
Bulgarian Coriander Honey

Bulgarian Coriander Honey


Coriander Honey

Flavor Notes:

  • Black Licorice, Toasty Coconut, and Slight Citrus

Bee K'onscious Artisanal Honey customers know they can expect absolute excellence when they open up a jar of our delightful Bulgarian Coriander Honey. In addition to excellence, they will be treated to the unique and enchanting natural honey flavor that will enhance everything it flavors. Whether you choose to use our Bulgarian raw honey in a recipe, on toast, in your tea, or straight from the jar, we assure you, you will not be disappointed. Bulgarian Coriander natural honey will most certainly enhance your chicken dish when it is applied as part of a marinade or drizzled over your grilled dish. In fact, our customers can always count on Bee K'onscious to not only meet their expectations, but to repeatedly surpass them!

Furthermore, our Bulgarian Coriander honey brings so much more than just audacious flavor. It is also recognized as something of a medicinal elixir with healing properties. It is no wonder that it is frequently referred to as "Liquid Gold." Our coriander honey is harvested from the fragrant herb known as coriander which is grown in the mountainous regions of Bulgaria. The plant has many uses. Its leaves and stalks are recognized as cilantro, and they are extremely popular in many dishes. The seeds of the plant are known as coriander, and they are used to make the natural honey products.

If you feel you haven't had enough "You Time" lately, might we suggest trying out some of our marvelous Bulgarian Coriander Honey? It is great as the gift you can give yourself. And, once you have discovered the limitless benefits of natural honey, we assure you that you will want to order some coriander honey from Bee K'onscious Artisanal Honey for your friends and family members. For more information about coriander honey, give us a call at: (833) 425-7466, today.

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