Meet Matt

the inspiration behind Bee K’onscious
Ever since I was a kid, I've had an affinity for honey. As an adult that love continues. So when the opportunity presented itself to step out of my corporate suit and dawn a beekeeper suit, I was all in.

In the kitchen, I am constantly finding new ways to introduce this sweet, highly nutritious superfood. Providing my family with a healthy, nutrient rich alternative to sugar and other additives.

The inspiration to turn this love into a business was born by one simple, and disturbing reality.

Today the consumption of honey continues to expand, while production declines. How can that be?

Simple. The majority of honey on the market today is anything but. Flavor and nutrients are replaced with unhealthy additives like corn syrup.

But not at Bee K'onscious. We only source high quality, 100% raw honey. Direct from the bee farm to your table.

No additives. No processes. Just pure, fully traceable, raw honey.