Local Honey...Better and Best

At Bee K’onscious, we love local honey!  To us local honey is delicious, unique, unprocessed honey straight from the hive as nature intended.  Local honey is what we sell.

 It has long been thought that local honey has anti-allergenic properties.  What has been proven is that unprocessed honey that has not been heated, filtered, or pasteurized and has retained pollens and enzymes natural to the hive has anti-allergenic properties.  Anti-allergenic properties exist in honey when it has not been processed. That is to say, it doesn’t need to be local honey to be anti-allergenic so long as the honey has not been processed.

 All the medicinal properties of honey are wonderful but to us, taste is most important.  I grew up liking all things honey.  The honey bear from the store was a staple of my youth, but as I discovered more and different local honey that varied in taste and texture it was clear that there was something better than processed blended honey.  Discovering and sharing the wonderful variety of flavors of literally hundreds of local honeys has become a true passion and led to the founding of Bee K’onscious.

 Local honey reveals the unique taste of honey from different regions where bees have pollinated on different flowers, trees, or plants to produce a unique natural sweet tasting honey from a floral nectar.  Any local honey reveals a local “terrior” much the same as wine.  All local honey tastes “better” than processed honey, not necessarily because it is local but because it is unprocessed, it hasn’t been blended, heated, or filtered and it has retained a natural taste and texture.  Local honey can taste like caramel, marshmallows, figs, toasted coconuts, cinnamon, vanilla and much more, or it can taste like “regular” honey.  The only shortcoming of any single local honey is that it does not offer variety in taste and texture.

 Bee K’onscious has released two local honeys.  Our California Sage is a popular local honey in southern California.  With a limited crop it is hard to find.  It has a light and delicate sweetness with a cream and silky texture and a floral aftertaste.  If you are looking for a traditional honey taste and texture this is the “best” in class varietal.  Our Montana clover is another “best” local honey.  It has a distinct cinnamon flavor and has been described by fans and critics as “the best honey I have ever had”.  Montana clover is harvested in a rural area and plentifully available. Despite its strength as a mono floral honey, it is most often used by commercial honey packers in blends to sweeten and improve the taste of other honey.  Sage and Clover are equally great local honeys, but one is hard to find in a highly populated region while the other is readily available where few people live.

 Bee K’onscious strives to provide food enthusiasts, regardless of where they live, with a variety of local honeys that are the “best” honey they have ever tasted.  Our promise is it will be natural, unprocessed, unblended, and traceable to the beekeeper that harvested the honey.