Bulgarian Lavender Honey
Bulgarian Lavender Honey
Bulgarian Lavender Honey

Bulgarian Lavender Honey


Lavender Honey

Flavor Notes:

  • Sweet, Fruity, and Fresh Peaches

As natural fragrances go, there are few lighter and more delicate than the inimitable lavender. It has been a prevalent addition to both women's perfumes and men's colognes; it is found in bath soaps, hand soaps, shaving cream, and body lotions. Now, Bulgarian lavender honey has become an exceptionally popular pure honey product. In fact, Bulgaria is recognized as the largest producer and exporter of lavender honey across the globe. It is no surprise that it is in such great demand by the Bee K'onscious Artisanal Honey customers who are looking for the best honey product available.

Our pure honey products are all the result of the best nature has to offer. Our lavender honey, like our other best honey products, is very versatile and able to be introduced into so many favorite recipes. It often can be that certain added flavor that makes your recipe unique and come alive. Better yet, when you use our pure honey as an alternative to sugar and other sweeteners and additives, you can always feel great about serving your family and friends the highest quality, healthiest dishes, and the most nutrient foods.

To read more about our pure honey products and to learn about our amazing Bulgarian Lavender honey, check out our website. You can also order online or give Bee K'onscious Artisanal Honey a call at: (833) 425-7466. We'd love to earn your business and ship you some of our delicious pure honey. All our honey is packaged in glass jars and wrapped in corrugated materials and shipped FREE of charge in the USA.

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