We are partnering withTagOne, who has a vision of a world where the natural product supply chain is fully transparent, resulting in sustainable business practices, and safer empowered consumers. 

In partnership, we utilize their blockchain technology to trace all of our premium honeys from the beekeeper to the jar and provide full transparency to the source for our customers.
At Bee K’onscious we are the first and only honey company that is using math as well as science to verify the authenticity of the honey we market. Traditionally, scientific tests and pollen analysis have been the only tools used to detect honey adulteration and authenticity. Unfortunately these tests are not conclusive proof of authenticity. It is not uncommon for two different tests to reach two different conclusions about authenticity. There is no question, scientific tests are excellent measures of honey quality and can tell us a lot about the honey but they have limitations and can be “tricked”.
Distributed ledger or “blockchain” technology is our new mathematical weapon against tainted honey. The distributed ledger technology we utilize, Tagone, is a software as a service (SaaS). Tagone, assures every point in the supply chain, every person or entity that handles the honey, is independently verifying their specific transitions.  As transactions are created and verified by both parties to each transaction, a permanent un-editable record and audit trail immediately exists. This technology will not allow for selling what has not been bought or selling more than has been bought. Tagone will allow a beekeeper that sells us honey to see how much of that honey we have then sold to consumers. Tagone will allow our social cause partners to see their donations accruing as we sell honey. Our customers will see where the honey came from on the way from hive to their door.
Transparency is our driving and founding principle and that will include the scientific tests. Bee K’onscious will provide customers with beyond the label product quality information that will include easy to understand testing information on every batch we market.