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Much of the honey in the commercialized market today is mixed together and deceptively sold as a premium product.  Rarely do consumers know where their honey actually comes from. 

We have partnered with TagOne, a provider of blockchain technology for the natural products industry. 

Providing our customers the ability to fully trace all of our products ensures transparency and the confidence that our products are 100% pure, non-blended honey.

At Bee K'onscious we are the first and only honey company that is using math as well as science to verify the authenticity of our honey.

Where traditional testing has limitations and can easily be tricked, blockchain technology cannot.

At Bee K'onscious, transparency is our driving and founding principle.

Thanks to our partnership with TagOne we are able to provide complete transparency of our products, from the hive to your home.

How does it work?

  • Scan your jar
    • Every jar of Bee K'onscious Honey is labelled with a QR code.  Simply scan the code using your smartphone
  • Enter in Your Product Below
    • Input the Honey Product and Lot Number from your jar below 
  • What Will You Learn
    • Once you scan or enter the product name and number, you will instantly have the  access to information about the source of your honey, including:
      • The beekeeper's name
      • Where it was harvested
      • A certificate of analysis
      • Honey facts
      • images of the beekeepers and/or hives