About Us

Bee K'onscious was created out of a love for honey and a realization that most people have never enjoyed truly unique honey varietals.  As what many would describe as a "foodie" I have great appreciation for ingredients and spices.  Honey of course being one of my favorite ingredients and the best part being there are so many different honey varietals to enjoy, each with its own unique taste and flavor.

In the past few years, each time I tried a new honey, my appreciation for the flavor and uniqueness of the many different varietals grew.  I have found really good honey to be difficult to find or just not available in traditional stores where processed blended honey in a plastic bear is the norm. It seems many consumers have never experienced the delights of unique never processed, never blended honey.  I am here looking to pursue a true passion while sharing the delights of honey with everyone at the same time leaving behind a corporate career.  Let the ride begin. 

Bee K'onscious was founded to bring the high quality unique varietal honeys of the world to consumers through ecommerce.  Bee K'onscious is the first and only retail honey packer to provide our customers with blockchain verified traceability from the beekeeper and honey crop origin through to the packaging of each jar.  Bee K'onscious empowers our customers with facts on the source, safety and beyond the label information of our product because we think it is important. 

I live in Denver with my wife Dawn, who is a Registered Nurse & a Fitness Instructor/Trainer, and our two boys Leo & Jake.  As part of our healthy and active lifestyle, we prepare all our meals from scratch and we use raw honey regularly (though not when the boys were under 12 months old!).  I didn't think it was possible, but my boys may love honey more than me. 

We offer single origin "farmers market" honey that has never been blended, processed, or heated beyond 100 degrees and is commonly referred to as raw honey.  We are proudly introducing six raw honeys; two Brazilian organic mono floral varietals,  Canadian wildflower organic,  Blueberry, and 2 domestic. All six are very special and unique in flavor and sweetness.  We hope you enjoy and look forward to your feedback.

We intend to introduce several new varietals in the coming months including USA single origin as well as others from around the world.