About Bee K’onscious

Bee K’onscious Artisanal Honey was named in tribute to all of the finest beekeepers in the world! 

We are one of the very few honey companies that is not selling honey that we produce. We have no bias and are looking for the best tasting honeys which are harvested and produced by the finest apiarists (beekeepers) all over the world. We have tremendous respect and admiration for the art of beekeeping. 

Honey is among the most diverse and fragmented food crops on the planet. It is harvested one hive or 60#’s at a time in virtually every country. There are hundreds of thousands of beekeepers around the world, many of whom are members of families that have been in the business for centuries! Finding “the best” is literally an impossible task, but we are going to have fun trying. 

Beekeeping is both art and science. There are thousand of different methods employed to produce honey that vary by culture, climate, and type of bee as well as many other factors. 

The finest beekeepers are not necessarily the largest beekeepers and in many countries there are exporters who are critical to the supply chain. These exporters provide meaningful and varying support to their beekeeper networks including equipment, education, & financing while having direct and personal relationships with every beekeeper. 

Largely we rely on our trading partners to introduce us to the finest beekeepers who produce the best honeys.


Our commitment is to...

Bee K’onscious of the fact that the honey crops our beekeepers cultivate produce a superfood rich in antioxidants and antibacterials which is also earth’s sweetest natural unprocessed food that has been enjoyed by human kind for millennials.

Bee K’onscious of our customers desire to know where the foods they purchase come from by providing single origin honey with verifiable traceability on every batch we package from beehive and beekeeper location to the jar.

Bee K’onscious in sourcing our honeys from beekeepers practicing ecologically and environmentally friendly beekeeping where hive and bee health is top priority.

Bee K’onscious of bees and the fact that bees are pollinators first and their natural pollination of food crops is vital to our agricultural ecosystem.

Bee K’onscious of the environment by packaging our honey in glass jars.

Bee K’onscious of future generations by donating 2% of our sales to charities dedicated to promoting bee colony health and plastic waste elimination.